What 150+ Other Leaders Say They Enjoy About Working With Ryan

The simple insights you have been providing are powerful. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious or I just don’t see it. Having access to a coach with a coaching perspective helps tremendously. – E.A.


I am making huge progress on my goals! – D.G.


I enjoy the weekly calls. Ryan has a good handle on giving me new attitudes and tasks that are effectively helping me improve my ways. – U.N.


I look forward to Ryan’s weekly insights and challenges that expand my zones of comfort. –  V.O.


It’s good to have a weekly check in with myself and someone else who is honest with me. – K.Q.


I enjoyed that Ryan was “real” and easy to express and gave clear direction and gave me confidence I was with the right coach and he is there to help me. – K.D.


The weekly calls are reinforcing actions I need to take and providing accountability. – S.V.


Honest, straightforward feedback. Keep doing what your doing – it’s working! – I. J.


The accountability and that it requires me to be committed to my success and engaged in the coaching and my life. – K.E.


I’m enjoying the fact that it’s challenging and I’m actually growing and improving very rapidly.  Last week was very eye-opening with the confidence/power stance.  It feels great. Thank you very much! – L.S.


The action steps and kinesthetic learning that is taking place is fantastic!! – H.M.


I enjoy hearing the advice and seeing the viewpoint from someone with a lot of experience.  – M.M


I enjoy the coaching and your straight-forwardness. Time is the one thing I need more of, so thanks for being prompt and keeping us moving.  – S.L.


The best part is straightforward, honest feedback & direct communication, probing & pushing me to think  – L.O.


What I’m enjoying about my coaching is that I’m taking massive actions whereas in the past I would constantly procrastinate as no one held me accountable. – Y.M.


I really like the honest feedback. – J.H.


What I enjoy MOST is that we get right to the issue, typically, my thinking. I completely appreciate that we don’t waste time on “talking it out” like therapy. I didn’t know I would like that focus so much. Additionally, I didn’t know that the time we spend on issues would be so effective. I like it being so concise. Thank you very much! – P.K


Love it. You get right to the action items and move us along. Perfect.  – S.L


It consistently challenges me to explore o/s my bounds. Extremely interesting.  Ryan is awesome to work with. – M.T.


I enjoy learning the new information & the straight forward/real talk. – O.A.


I am beginning to see myself and my patterns more and more as I advance in different areas. Last call, I needed to hear the direct message you shared about fear; very helpful. – B.W.


I’m learning a lot! – W.F.


This is helping so much in providing me clarity! – E.L.


The consistent insight and progress that it is creating is invaluable – C.J.


You always seem to know that the things that I want to focus on aren’t necessarily the problems that are making my life miserable. Ryan, you’re golden on this! Thank you!!! – S.K.


Your ability to help me gain clarity on my outcomes and purpose is stellar. – E.K.


I’m really enjoying the progress, forward movement, It also makes me feel like I have a support system and do not have to figure out everything myself. – K.N.


I enjoy Ryan’s imparted wisdom and wealth of advice. – M.T.


The accountability, and the opportunity to actually review what I have been doing either right or wrong…and the broader perspective, is very helpful. – S.O.


I enjoy the accountability, staying on task. having someone there to help keep me from thinking i am crazy. – A.J.


That Jim Rohn quote you shared with me on our call has changed my life.  Amazing how one small shift in insight can lead to such an improvement in my life. – F.D.


It keeps me focused when I don’t always feel it and keeps me thinking about my goals and actions on a weekly basis. – B.C.


At times I feel like you’re going off track during the calls, but it always ends up being exactly what I need. I have been trusting in that process, but question it every once in a while, and I always end up with something super helpful.  Thank you. – G.R.


Very grateful for the accountability w/my coach and the straight forward REAL conversations. – B.N.


Wanted to thank you for the time yesterday. Read the book yesterday as soon as we hung up! That sound you hear is the sound of puzzle pieces clicking in my life! – E.U.


Enjoying that I feel like I have a greater handle on things. – V.B.


Your ability to listen and help me reframe marital challenges into opportunities and provide me with actionable advice. – A.D.


Overall great coach and coaching systems. – G.W.


The outside perspective from someone who has a lot of insight. – K.F.


You are a legend Ryan! – L.S.


I’m loving the Results. Nice to see my life changing due to the calls.  – K.U.


I wish I had this kind of coaching years ago, but I needed to go through what I went through to be able to appreciate the coaching I’m getting with Ryan. – N.K.


Ryan is very positive and speaks in a short specific way. This saves time on the phone and is very effective.  So far, he is perfect, I wouldn’t change anything. – L.J.


When I hung up the phone I thought this guy really cares about me and my situation. Even though it was different from what we had currently been discussing in prior conversations you were able to change on a dime and help me in other areas that I was hurting in. You will never know what that meant to me. – D.F.


Keep doing what you’re doing! I always wind up in a good mood after the weekly calls! – A.Q.


I love the energy that you bring, and also appreciate your transparency when you identify that I am indulging in some limiting beliefs, illusions that I’ve created in my mind. I suspect there will be plenty more of this to come, which I welcome.  – R.C.


I just wanted to let you know that I loved the session we had yesterday and I appreciate your help. The simple fact that I know that I must do something for next week motivates me a lot! – D.S.


I enjoy the valuable feedback. I tend to trick myself & convince myself with my thoughts that what I’m doing is always the right things. However, it’s important to get perspective from someone else. – N. Y.


Love the coaching, very grateful – J.T.


I’m really happy with how things are going! – F.J.


I love that you keep pushing me and making me do things that I would normally consider uncomfortable. It’s the only way I will break out of my limiting habits that I’ve developed over a long time, and rescue my relationship. – H.O.


If I don’t finish everything that I’ve set to do, then the reminder is still there – whether in my own head, or whether we talk about it on the next call.  The lessons stick with me, and I’m seeing great results. – K. R.


It feels good to be guided. – C.I.


I enjoy Ryan’s support and redirecting my focus on the end goal. Ryan has been of tremendous help in getting me through these difficult times and letting me know that the past does not determine my future. – G.A.


So far so good! It is more than I ever expected. I recommend this coaching to everyone I know! – D.A.


I love Ryan’s knowledge and personality! – R.M.


Ryan is cool. 🙂 – C.T.


I really appreciate your ability to help me reframe challenges into opportunities, and the amazing questions you ask and how you teach me to ask myself those questions to uncover what I want and what’s preventing me from getting it along with how I overcome that. – A.O.


I like that I have someone knowledgeable that I can talk to and will tell me straight. – A.W.


Keep doing what you’re doing – love it! – Y.H.


The ability to discuss my personal life candidly with another professional and in a supportive environment. – H.O.


The ability to be held HIGHLY ACCOUNTABLE, no BS, no excuses. – K.L.


I’m really enjoying the insights, feedback and support I receive  – R.S.


Coach Ryan is great. I will need a little xtra time to get back on track with some guidance, but I’m motivated and feel like I’m in the right place. – J.T.


I like Ryan’s personality. He is a good listener. Does not get aggressive or rush. So far I’m really enjoying the process and nothing can be improved. – M.P.


You are a great coach, it’s matter of me taking action and not curling up when negative situations or events occur at home.  I’m working on it, and with your support I will get there! – C.R.


You always seem to know when I need to be pushed & when I need to be lead – B.H.


When I think I’ve “tried everything”, I appreciate you quickly correcting me and asking me if I’ve tried “x, y, z”, which is always no. This keeps me honest. – Y.S.


Love having someone to talk to about this, having someone to help me along, coach and direct, and helping me move towards my goals, dreams, desires, destiny. – P.S.


Focused time to make a plan of action to grow in areas most needed, specific and measurable steps to reduce overwhelmed tendencies as well as lack of patience – H.C.


Ryan is very skilled at calibrating to where I’m at, and adjusting his coaching appropriately during the calls. – K.E.


It’s been helpful finding new truths that change my story, which in turn changes everything. – V.O.


The ongoing support for my priorities and relationship goals is invaluable. Helps me stay focused. – E.R.


Ryan, you do an excellent job of bringing out distinctions. We talk about things I already know, (or think I do) but the way you frame it, it just opens up new thoughts, opportunities, etc.  All stuff I read, all stuff I heard before, but you cast it in away that either reminds me, makes me take a different perspective, etc. – P.J.


Ryan being a well-aware mirror, calling me out on my BS limiting stories I have unconsciously created.  – L.L.


I have someone to make me accountable and to figure out what is behind my thoughts and emotions so I can stop sitting on it and move on. – E.O.


It’s so valuable having someone from the outside to bounce ideas off and perhaps shed a different light to see things in. – N.T.


I often don’t see how the exercises are going to be that useful for any given situation we talk about, but they do always end up being super helpful. – K.C.


Getting better every week, insights you provide, just helping me along my journey. – P.R.


My life is freaking on FIRE right now and my husband is noticing the difference. Ryan knows how to get me tapped into my own energy and now I feel like I’m learning how to do the same.  – N.K.


Check and balance. So helpful. Keeping me on the path to success.  – B.A.


What I’m enjoying most about my coaching is that Ryan is hammering in very specific things that I need to hear over and over again. The great part about all of this is that I’m now starting to ask myself the right questions all day and night and I’m able to ask others the same thing in order to gain CLARITY so that there is a VISION. I’d say that Ryan should just keep it up. – S.N.


I feel I’m on the right path – C.I.


I feel that you are sensitive to my needs and are giving me the right tools. So far, so good! – C.J.


Sharpening me a little more, every week and every call! – A.L.


I love looking at things in a new way. – L.K.


All of it! It’s fantastical! – S.L.


Your ability to help me reframe challenges into opportunities. – V.A.


Ryan is honest, direct, and shows real concern and interest in me. – M.K.


I am enjoying the pressure it puts on myself to actually think about how I am feeling about the everyday things. It makes me slow down for a moment and remember what’s important. – O.A.


It keeps me focused, especially given how hectic things are these days. – H.N.


It’s pushing me beyond what I ever thought I could do and I love that. – K.M.


Knowing I have the ability to create and get into any state I want regardless of environment is super powerful. – R.Y.


I feel like it has been very helpful and starting to turn my mind toward stronger positive thought patterns. – S.M.


I am grateful for the strategies that are helping me to regain my confidence. I now realize all the great relationship practices are worthless without the right base. – E.T.


The help that I get, the distinctions you present, allows me to consider different points of view and perspectives. – S.P.


It’s wonderful having an outlet to understand more about why I do what I do. – E.C.


I enjoy the magnificent grounding and refocusing on the purpose. – C.A.


I appreciate the genuine sincerity of this coaching.  Ryan provides real, honest feedback & shows real concern for my success – T.J.


Insights you provide, calling things out when you see them, its all good. – P.R.


I am enjoying the fact that it helps understanding my own behavior better. – R.E.


Ryan always gets to the heart of the matter in a way that I understand and can implement. – C.J.


Ryan you’re doing a great job and have become a very integral part of my relationship development – D.W.


It’s great to know I have a partner to assist with my challenges. – C.R.


I really like laughing with my coach because I let go of tension and I feel pretty positive and good. My coach is hilarious and wise. – L.T.


I’m enjoying thinking out loud and processing ideas. Mostly I’m enjoying the level of focus it’s bringing to my personal life. – C.R.


Having quality guidance on how to improve myself and believe in reaching goals in life. – E.O.


The level of honest and open conversation is great. Asking hard questions is important to get me to cut through the noise of my mind, and focus on what really matters and what I really want. – S.L.


Ryan is a real, present, CARING coach who wants to see me succeed. – H.J.


Being able to talk about the issues that come up and keep me from achieving my goals has been invaluable. – A.N.


I’m enjoying the accountability, the planning, the direction, and the help. – K.C.


Your insights, your challenges, your digging to get to the heart of the issue – so good! – R.P.


The clarity and consistent energy from Ryan. – T.S.


As always, I really enjoy the conversations on the weekly calls. Awesome to see things from a different perspective. –C.Y.


I enjoy our calls and love how you dig into what’s REALLY up in my life. – K.T.


I feel like things are clicking that we have been talking about or studying. – K.N.


I enjoy the little things. I always gather something special from each encounter. Thank you Ryan for the higher standard that you hold me to. Don’t hold back. Give it to me straight and let’s watch this miracle happen. – M.D.


The ability to grow from my experiences and gain insight as to where I can improve towards my desired outcomes. – C.R.


I like that when I get stuck, instead of spinning , I can get clear action items to deal with the challenge. – L.J.


In the 4 months that I have had coaching, I am UP roughly 10%-15% from the same period last year. Considering that there has been an absolutely mild winter with limited work out there and high competition, Ryan has help contribute to me keeping on the positive swing of things in a real way. Realistically, I could have been 30%-40% DOWN from year to year. I hope Ryan wants wants to keep running with me through this year. It has been a great help.


Coaching is really helpful. Last weeks call really changed my perspective of the challenges I have been facing recently.  – H.S.


This is the most focused I’ve been in my life. I think now is the time to build the vision of what my life will be like in 5 years. – C.H.


I think that every week has been super useful and practical, thank you! – F.R.


It really gives me a lot of useful direction. – G.H.


Ryan knows how to get to the heart of things, the “why,” which is so extremely important. For decades, I have been doing things for others in order to seek their approval. Now, I’m really working hard to seek my own satisfaction and the results I want to achieve for myself. I’m trying not to beat myself up over this time that was a “lesson learned,” but it is really a bit difficult not to acknowledge the loss of an unfocused life. MOVING ON!! – S.O.


I enjoy knowing that if I have a challenge i can get help and work thru it. – A.O.


I appreciate your ability to listen and get to the heart of the story and then help me change it. – V.D.


I am grateful for the help and guidance that is keeping me on track. – H.C.


Very charismatic, breaks down principles well  – S.M


Being heard. Having someone to brainstorm with. Being encouraged to do better, figuring out how to implement strategy. – H.S.


Ryan has helped me to focus on important aspect and understanding how to revert from negative mindset – V.S.


Feel like I can improve any area of my life I choose, with this format of coaching – L.D.


I feel like I’m getting back on track to live the live I want to enjoy. – R.A.


I always get quality ideas from Ryan.  Keeping me out of my head – W.H.


You always seem to know when to push me & when to pull me back. – K.T.


Ryan is the fucking shit. In just three sessions my productivity has increased immensely. My goals for the future are clear and the path to get there are becoming visible, all thanks to him – S.T.


It’s great to have a sounding board that throws out questions to my concerns. – S.J.


Thumbs up! – F.A.


Needed the perspective and feedback with my thoughts and plans for my life.  – E.K.


You are doing great, Ryan! Keep up the good work! – L.F.


I truly appreciate and enjoy the support I have with Ryan, knowing someone is there to talk through what normally just spins in my head has been invaluable. – T.H.


Staying on track. You’re entertaining and full of knowledge – L.W.


You figure out immediately what is the problem and work around to help me understanding how to solve it. – M.A.


This process has helped me stay in a more positive, focused state. – P.H.


It’s helping me face my fears and challenges. – E.V.


The fact that Ryan helps me get back on track STAT! Yep, I have to do the work, but this coaching thing is exactly that: COACHING! I love it, although I hope that Ryan doesn’t grow tired of me not meeting goals and challenges. – A.K.


I like the extra tidbits that Ryan gives me – there are so many of them, too. I feel like I’m working with someone who is experienced in life, not just giving me some idea as to what others would do kind of thing. I think he recognizes our life is our own to live. I appreciate that. – S.T.


I’m enjoying the insight and the positive reinforcement – T.N.


Continuing to get better with every weekly call. – C.N.


Enjoying it all – keeps me focused and accountable and learning new concepts from Ryan – B.L.


This is definitely pushing me to do things outside of my comfort zone that I would not do and/or have avoided doing for a long time! – K.H.


Everything. You rock. 🙂 – K.L.


“Forcing” me to be accountable and taking the time to focus on me and my family’s life. – J.B.


I enjoy seeing how far I have come in reacting to different situations. – O.C.


I can see massive improvements right away in terms of the way I’m thinking in my personal life. Sometimes, I’m a slower learner, while other times, I’m fast as lightening. With social interaction, my world is changing so fast and I very much like it. I feel like I’m on the right trajectory of living my full life where everything is balanced. At least it’s starting to feel that way. I did not expect all of this to happen so soon, but Ryan is my “Mother” of repetition and it not only is sinking in, but right now, it feels like wet cement! Thanks, Ryan!!! – T.H.